December 11, 2008

A Happy Birthday to me. I figured as another year passes why not begin an adventure in Blogging. I know, the inevitable first blog that talks about blogging. The way I see it, these things happen. So I figure this adventure should begin by not focusing on my inability to blog about anything else besides blogging.

I have thought of many subjects to introduce in my blog, but the reason I have created this stupid thing is to inform others on the information I receive about, you guessed it by the name; HISTORY! Oooh, I'm enthralled, can you tell?

So like most boring things I will try my best to keep the masses informed about the History I learn and how it influences the modern way we live. Unless you live in a log cabin and hunt for food and stuff, though I doubt you would be reading this if you did. So as soon as I get back from History class I will fill ya'll in on what interesting things I have learned.

Until then,

Jensen Dash

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